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Hidden Pictures from Highlights (Printable & Online)...

Did you know that you can sign up to receive Highlights' Hidden Pictures Hotlink monthly via email? It sends you an email when the new Hidden Pictures is available on their website! My kids LOVE them.

You can also play them online or browse and print lots of different hidden pictures printables!

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Marvin M.
I didn't know about this great possibility. I hear it's tough to print? I'll give it a shot. Thank you!
Kristie O.
These do not print well, any clues how to get them?
Suzanne B.
Thanks!! My kiddos are going to love these, and I will be able to just fold them up into my purse and take them with so the kids have something to play with at the Dr.'s office!!
Darlene B.
Thanks! I am thrilled to be able to print these hidden pictures to go along with themes I am teaching my daughter in homeschool!
Eff C.
These are awesome!!! My Grand kids will LOVE these!! Thanks for posting!! :)Thanks for
Paul P.
Thank You my Granddaughter will love it.
Dawn O.
These hidden picture sheets are great. My kids love these activities. Thanks, Dawn
Jennifer K.
Awesome! I love to keep a couple pages around with things for my son to do in case I can't get out of a conversation as quickly as I'd like.
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