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Home Security System Buying Tips

If you are considering buying a home security system, you may be confused by the variety of the options that are on the market.  We recently built a house and I know I was!  

Here are some tips that helped me as I chose our home security system, I hope they'll help you too. 

1. Decide how intricate of a home security system that you need.  Assess your home to see how many points of entry there are. Consider whether or not you want to have window sensors. Window sensors can raise the cost of a home security system dramatically, but some people consider them well worth the money.  Think about motion sensors. They are great to have, especially if you decide not to purchase window sensors, but they can be easily set off on accident and can quickly become annoying. If you decide to go with motion sensors, you may want to consider high-grade sensors that utilize two beams in order to set off your alarm. 

2. Consider how much you want to spend on an alarm system. You can get a basic system from a company like Brinks for about $150.00, plus monthly monitoring costs, or you can spend thousands of dollars.  It all depends what you want. Look at different systems and different price points to see what you feel comfortable with.

3.  Pay attention to the monthly monitoring cost.  We found some home security systems that seemed to be a great deal up-front, but ended up being quite expensive when we figured out what we'd be paying each month.  

4.  Look for a system that is simple to use.  I have young children and I want them to be able to turn the alarm off when needed. I'm also not that technologically savvy, so I wanted a system that I could easily use without calling a help-line every week.  

5. Think carefully about how many control panels you want and then figure out how that will affect your cost.  If you have three main points of entry into your home, you'll want at least three control panels.  We also opted to have a control panel placed in the master bedroom so we could set the alarm at night and so we could easily turn it off in the event of false alarms.  

6. Make sure that you buy a system that will give your signage as part of your system. It's a simple thing and most companies offer it, but the signs and window stickers alone will deter most thieves.  

7. Ask any company you are considering about their warranty and their hiring practices. You want to use a company that does background checks on all employees.  A home security system isn't going to do you much good if the person installing and maintaining it is a thief.  

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