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Home Security Tips

During tough economic times, incidents of crime and robbery go up. It's important to pay attention to home security, especially right now. 

You don't necessarily need a fancy home security system to keep your home safe. Here are some quick and easy home security tips to help keep your home safe all the time.

~ Make sure that you have key locks on all doors. Consider using a secondary blocking device on sliding doors, as the locks are easily picked.

~ Engrave valuables with a number, such as a social security or driver's license number. This makes them easier for police to identify if they are stolen and helps to deter thieves. Be careful about engraving collectible items as it will cause the value to diminish.

~ Take photos of all valuables for insurance purposes and to provide to police in the event of a robbery.

~ Keep all entrances to your home well-lit using exterior lights. Criminals are less likely to rob your home if there is no place to hide.

~ Keep garages and storage sheds locked.  Keep valuables in a garage or storage shed and not in your yard.

~ Get to know your neighbors and agree to keep an eye on each others homes. Start a neighborhood watch if you don't already have one.

~ Use a "Home Protected By" sign even if you don't have a home security system. These signs help to deter thieves. 

~ Be on alert when coming home. If a light is on that you know wasn't on when you left or if things look amiss, don't go into your home - call for assistance.  

Staying alert and making your home less appealing to potential thieves will help you to stay more secure. Hopefully these home security tips will help you to stay a little safer.  

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