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Homemade Potato Chips

Making potato chips at home is very simple.  Just peel a potato and slice medium thin to very thin (being careful to not cut the fingers) and pat dry (this will prevent the splattering that results from water coming into contact with hot oil).  Pour just enough vegetable oil in a frying pan to cover the thickest potato slice and heat until very hot (not smokey hot).  Carefully put the potato slices in the oil so that they do not cover another slice and cook until golden brown.  The chips may have to be turned over once to ensure both sides are evenly cooked.  The longer cooked, the crispier the chip; but, be careful not to overcook.  When done cooking, transfer the slices to a paper towel to drain and pat off the excess oil with another paper towel.  Salt to taste.  So long as the oil is hot and clean, the chips and any additional batches of chips (allow the oil to reheat if more than one batch is being made) should not be too oily,  To add a different flavor, lightly sprinkle a grated cheese (parmesan or cheddar) on the hot potato chips before salting and after removing the oil.  For salting use a kosher or gourmet (coarse) salt for better flavor.

Another way to cover the chips with salt and grated cheese is to place the salt and cheese in a small clean paper bag, shake the bag before putting the chips in to mix the ingredients, put in the chips after the oil is removed, vigorously shake the bag which includeds turning the top side down (do not forget to close the bag by rolling the end so nothing spills out) until covered.  This will not only cover the chips; but, also remove more oil via the oil being absorbed by the bag.  A plastic bag can be used instead; but, a plastic bag will not remove any more oil through absorbtion.

Also, different types of oils (such as peanut oil) will make for different types of flavors as well.

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