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Homeschool Curriculum Using Library Books offers literature based curriculum using library books that covers many subjects and topics.  It is created "by homeschoolers for homeschoolers" and, as a former teacher, I think the samples and information look very good.  If you are in a state that requires documentation, this may be an easy way to provide that.  If you are not, the work samples are still great for portfolios and your own documentation.  It looks like they've put a lot of work into this website.  I love the fact that the books are available at the library.  Many curricula have so many supplemental materials that the cost just keeps rising.  I don't know anyone who uses one curriculum exclusively (either they are eclectic homeschoolers or need supplements for some subjects), so the dollars spent can add up quickly.  I believe this is a cost effective curriculum.  There is a one time fee (see the website).  You download and print the sheets yourself, so you can have as many copies as you need.  I am not a great proponent of worksheets, but these lessons contain more than just worksheets.  There are many options for the children you are teaching.  See for yourself, visit .

Regina V.
WARNING: DO NOT SUBCRIBE TO EFANTASMIC: WARNING: DO NOT SUBCRIBE TO EFANTASMIC: I wish I would have found this site before I subscribed to eFantasmic. I have been trying to contact someone for 3 weeks to cancel my subscription with no response. I am having to pay a $30.00 bank fee to have the automatic draft stopped.
Sherry Y.
This company has no customer support. The program does not work with some Adobe programs and this is not stated until they have charged your account. This happened to me after which I have contacted thier customer service by both email 30 times and phone 15+ times (number given on CC statement) and yet I have not received even a reply. Homeschooling is full time job that keeps a budget tite, trying to get help from a non supportive customer service that charged $97 for a non workable program is not what we need.
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