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Hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange

If you love cookies and baked goods, Christmas is the best time of year to enjoy these types of treats.  Cookie exchanges are popular this time of year and are a good excuse for getting together with family and friends.  Consider hosting a cookie exchange of your own and experience how fun they can be! 

The first thing that you want to do is compile a list of who you would like to attend your cookie exchange and send everyone an invitation.  Ask every guest to bake and bring a dozen or two of their favorite cookies and a snack to share at the party.  Have them bring numerous copies of their recipes to give each guest so that attendees will be able to go home and bake a batch of their personal favorites from the party.

Once the party gets started and you have mingled, snacked, and enjoyed each other’s company — set all of the cookies out together on a big table and tell everyone to start-off by getting an empty plate or tray, then have them begin going around and taking a few cookies from each person’s recipe.  To figure out how many cookies each guest gets, add up the total number of cookies and divide by the number of people participating.  This will you give you the total amount of cookies that each person can take from the individual batches.

When you are finished exchanging your goodies, every guest ends-up with a big tray full of many different cookies.  Many people like to freeze these cookies when they get home and keep on-hand for company that visits on the holidays — yet some prefer to go home, “test” them right away, then bake-up their favorites in bigger batches.

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