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Household Moving Tips - Making the Transition...

If moving is in your future, I hope these household moving tips that I learned through trial and error during my recent move from Hawaii to Georgia will help your move to be a bit more stress-free...because mine certainly wasn't!!

1. Make a list of things you'll need as soon as you arrive at your new home. This is especially important if you are flying to your new location and is the most important household moving tip I learned. Think about things like dishes (if yours are on a truck), bathroom supplies, towels, food, bedding, pillows, diapers, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. When you get to your new home,  you'll want to pick up everything you'll need for the first day or two so you aren't constantly running out. Trust me on this! 

2. Make another list of important places and phone numbers. Print directions from your new home to the places you may need to go - like the grocery store, WalMart, local hospital, laundromat (again, real important if your washer/dryer is on a moving truck), psychiatrist's office (you might need one!)...nothing is more frustrating than needing something in a hurry and having no clue where you are going.

3. Contact local utility companies far in advance. Some companies require applications or photocopies of a driver's license to be on file and the last thing you need is to get to your new home to find that you don't have any lights! 

4. Put things that you'll need immediately in the BACK of your moving truck. In fact, label the boxes that you'll need right away with the words, "Open First." These boxes should contain rugs to set out so the movers don't destroy your floor and anything else that you'll need right away.

5. Another great household moving tip that I learned during my recent move is to put your entire phone book on your cell phone or print it off. Most people already have this done, but I am in the bad habit of putting some numbers on my computer and some on my phone. Make sure that everything is on your cell phone. This includes your moving company, and local companies you may need to contact, and friends that can talk you through all of the stress that you are facing!

I'm sure there are lots more great tips that I'm missing - but these are just a few that I learned during a recent move in which I made every mistake possible!!  

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