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How to Be a Good Sports Parent

This is a very good article from Family Circle magazine with guidelines on how to behave/react as a parent when your child participates in sports.   Basic concepts that many of us are likely to engage in like as our children compete, like: "The Postgame Analysis", "Unintended Pressure", "Living Vicariously" and "Over-Involvement"

The article is really well done because it gives a short scenario of a situation, how a parent might have reacted to it, and then a more positive way to approach the situation.  They are really on target, I can totally see myself saying or reacting in a similar way to my own child (the wrong way, of course).  So this is a great guide.   I plan on keeping this one close at hand - especially now as we venture into the world of competitive sports. 

"Watching your kid compete is a very emotional experience" says Joel Fischer.  "You have to prepare for your spectating emotions".

This is really true.  I found this very apparent this summer even as I watched my 6 year old compete on the swim team for the first time. This article will definitely go a long way for me.  :)  Hopefully many of you will find it just as useful.

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