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How to Become a Greener Family

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. In our family, we try to have Earth Day every day and over the years, we have become better at recycling, using resources better, make it work with only one car, and bike more to the library or shopping areas. Earth Day celebrations are a way to learn about how much more we can do to be ‘greener’. Bring your children to a celebration and share an ecologic moment together. Events are happening all over, check your hometown website to find what is going on next to you.

Let me share with you what I believe is the best ecologic event for Earth Day, a way to reduce waste, my new green crusade, and the cutest green website.

If you have any suggestions of other green sites or want to share your own green crusade, feel free to do it! 

To reduce waste, join a Freecycle group
If you have not done so yet, consider joining a Freecycle group: the concept is simple: people give and get items for free. To find a group near you, click here. In the last few months, I gave away a toddler bed, magazines, a pan, unopened make-up and I received a lot of toys and books. My children are learning that they do not always have to go to a store to get items they need.

My green crusade: Stainless Steel water bottles
Stainless Steel water bottles are now easier and easier to find in stores and they make the cutest ones for children.

One site I like because it is very informative is the Klean Kanteen website. You can buy their bottles online or check their store locator. They have nice sippies for kiddies that can transform into regular bottles if you add a different cap. I use the Klean Kanteen Classic for my children’s lunch boxes.

They are not the cheapest but they last forever and are safe. One big selling point for our family, they are smell-free. I do not know how many plastic water bottles I had to throw after I forgot them in a kid’s backpack with milk inside. The smell never went away.

Shop green for your kids on peekagreen

You will find a lot of green and stylish items for your children on the peekagreen website. They are mostly geared towards babies and toddlers and you will find everything you need to have the greenest baby of the block. Even the games are green, right now, they are offering 20% off their most ecological toy called Happy Mais. The coupon code is EARTH20 and it is valid till April 30th, 2009.

This is actually a very unusual toy that my daughters received as a gift in France. It is made of brightly colored cornstarch and each piece is like a building block . It only takes a little moisture and the blocks will magically stick together to create all sorts of 2D and 3D colorful sculpted creations. Think of it as Green Legos. There is a version for girls and one for boys.

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