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How to Build a Terrarium

This is a fun couple of hours to spend with the kids! It also makes an unusual gift - with the added bonus of not being a toy!

First: Find a large glass container that will hold a couple of plants - it doesn't need to have a matching lid - you can always use a glass plate to cover the opening. We actually bought a big glass jar at Target for $12 and it came with a lid.

Second: Go shopping for plants - something tropical works best - they need to like moisture! We usually use 3 plants per terrarium but it really depends on the size of your container.

Third: Fill the bottom of your jar with small rocks or a layer of gravel. Add the dirt and plant the plants. Now the fun part! For a dinosaur loving son of a friend we added two dinosaurs. They looked just like they were in Jurassic park! For a friend of my daughter's - she made little flower fairies out of fake flower petals, wire, string for hair, and a little wooden ball for a head. They looked adorable hidden among the plants and we decorated the dirt with pretty colorful rocks and jewels. It was a fun activity to do together and their friends really enjoyed their gifts. The terrariums creat their own moisture - so they only need to be watered as they start to dry out, and mist from a spray bottle does the job nicely! 

This will be our first summer project. My daughter says school classes who are learning about the water cycle should make terraria. Good idea, teachers!
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