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How to Buy Your Child a Digital Camera

With the development of digital photography upon us in the last few years, just about every child wants to have their own camera, whether it is part of a cell phone or a dedicated digital camera, this can be much more than a toy. Having the ability to take quality pictures, edit them and print them will be an activity that your child will carry with them the rest of their lives and who nows? You may start them on a carrier path as well.
If your child is very young consider starting them on a used or very inexpensive digital camera. There are plenty of cameras below $80 that take decent pictures. Try to get one around 2 mega pixtils or more. This will give you great 5" x 7" pictures off a printer. Usually a digital camera comes with a minimal or no memory card. For a camera with this resolution consider a card with 2 GB (Gigabite) capacity. This will allow hundreds of pictures to be taken and can also be used when moving up to a higher resolution camera.

It this is your childs second camera, you may want to consider a camera with more features and higher resolution between 4 and 6 MP (Megapixtils). This will give a very clear picture printed on an 8" x 10" sheet of photo paper. Also try to buy a camera with as large a preview screen on the back of the camera as possible. Usually cameras of this quality are in the $150 to $200 range. Check out cameras by Nikon, Canon and Kodak. These are the best, have the best lens quality and provide trouble-free service for many years.

Also, if one does not come with it, buy a quality case or carry bag for the camera. This will keep out dirt and protect the camera from abuse.

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