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How to Control Fire Ants Naturally

Killing ants is something that I really don't enjoy. However, when you encounter a colony of fire ants and feel the incredible sting that they can give, I have to resort to some sort of organic home pest control.

First you should find out how to identify fire ants. The ants are 1/8" to 1/4" long. They are black to reddish brown in color, so they look very much like a regular ant. Fire ants distinguish themselves from ordinary ants by being very aggressive and will bite or sting anything that disturbs them. Another thing that distinguishes them is their mounds in the ground are from 12 to 24 inches in height. 

I searched for anything that would kill these little creatures and many of the commercial controls on the market are inorganic, poison and otherwise very unhealthy for my family. I'm really all about organic pest control and find that more often than not, the organic way works best by far.

The most sure way of getting rid of the fire ant colony is to kill the queen. Once the queen is out of the way the entire colony will die. One natural way of killing the queen is to sprinkle instant grits into mount right around the center of activity. It is best o do this just prior to a rain. The workers will take the grit, mistaken as a food source and bring it to the queen.

When the queen eats the grits, the grits expand and the queen explodes. The rest of the colony will die shortly thereafter. 

Christine - I did not know that fire ants killed each other if they were from different colonies. What a great idea!! How do you move them without getting bit? Would a shovel work? Thanks for the tip - no harmful chemicals and quick and easy!
Christine M.
The greatest, fastest was, is simple. Living in Mississippi, we have millions fof large, fire ant mounds. but they saty in their own mound! simple take some ants, from one mound, and put it on another mound. they will kill each other! also have a grandson who collects animal skulls. sometimes they are NOT fully clean! simply put the "remains" on a fire-ant mound and cover it with a cardboard box. In a few weeks, it will be "clean!"
Donna M.
I have used this method where I live in Florida (we have tons of fire ants) and it works great. I have always used the instant grits though and sprinkled them all the way around the mound as well as on it and when there is no chance of rain. Put the grits out in the afternoon and the next morning the ants are gone.
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