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How to Cut Boys Hair at Home

In order to save money at our house, we cut the kids  hair.   It is nice fairly easy style that my husband  can do with an a Conair hair clippers   kit that we bought from Target for less than $25.   When you need to bring the boys to a place that charges $10-$12 a head and then have give tip ever 4-6 weeks that adds up.  We got the cost back  of the clippers in on easy hair cutting session.   My husband has gotten very good that my Dad now comes to him for a hair cut and my Dad is very fussy about hair.  We don’t have any girls so haven’t gotten to any of the complicated styles.  

My husband does it known as the Buzz Cut: a haircut that is created by cutting the hair short all over to a uniform length. The hair is generally cut to ¼-inch or shorter. Some times he does  what is called  the Crew Cut (where the hair in front and on top is left a little longer).  He got the instructions on how to cut the hair from the instructional DVD that came in the kit.

If you  are looking to cut back on expenses and have children  cutting their hair at home is a good way to save money easily.  The beginner guide to cutting hair  has  step by step instructions to cutting your child’s hair .

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