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How to Design a Disney Cars Themed Bedroom

Kids love the story of Disney Cars. Lightning McQueen, a rookie race car driver eager to succeed, discovers that life is more about the journey (instead of the finish line). Encourage your child’s sense of imagination by designing his very own Disney Cars themed bedroom. With a backsplash of new paint, a few accessories and furniture revamping, his bedroom will surely become his favorite hang out.

Start with the Walls

Nothing makes characters come to life like a fresh new backdrop. Choose paint colors that coordinate with the Disney Cars color palette (such as ice blue or a mild tint of green). Choosing light colors will make it easier as your child grows (and his bedroom changes). These colors will also accentuate accessories that you choose for the room. Consider painting base boards a bright white to make wall colors stand out.


If purchasing new furniture is a budget breaker, consider painting your existing furniture fun colors that tie into the Cars theme. Keep the room from becoming too busy by choosing a single color for headboards, footboards and dressers. Painting a bed red gives it a “car like” feeling. Purchase solid white knobs for dresser drawers, which contrasts nicely against a fresh coat of paint.

Consider purchasing an inexpensive toy box and applying a new coat of paint. Your child can place fun Cars Foam Decorations on the toy chest to liven it up. Purchase a Cars themed comforter, which can be found at most retailers. Another comforter option is a solid bedspread that matches the Cars color palette.


There are plenty of fun accessories that can bring life to your little one’s room. Check out the Cars Victory Lane Blue Grey Wall Boarder. This border is super easy to apply and won’t leave damage on walls (this is especially convenient if you rent).

If you aren’t a wall board fan, consider using Disney Cars Foam Wall Decorations. These accessories contain nine mini soft foam shapes you can place all over the room. If you decide to redecorate later on, the shapes can easily be removed without causing damage.

Finish off your child’s room with a Disney Cars Smart Tiles Light Switch Cover and a Decorative Wall Hook to hang your little auto racer’s favorite items (so they don’t get lost).

Creating a Disney Cars themed room will liven your child’s imagination. He can fall asleep and wake up with his favorite characters. Getting your child involved in the decorating process will help build the excitement. 

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