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How to Find Cheaper Hotels

from my money saving ezine, Dollar Stretcher:

Shopping for Hotels
When you are looking for hotel rates, it pays to check a couple of places before making your reservations. First, do an nline search for hotels in the area you'll be staying. When you find a hotel you like, check the online discount sites to read the reviews, but don't automatically book the room
through those sites.  Check the website of that hotel or hotel chain. They will often have better rates than the discount sites.

But don't stop there! Get the number of the hotel or chain you re interested in and call them. I've found that they are more illing to deal and have more options than those given online.

One place we stayed advertised a senior discount on their chain site, but the actual hotel offered a much better senior rate when we called. Another gave us an upgrade to an ocean view room just because I asked a few questions of the owner who happened to answer the phone). It's always better to talk
to a human!

Also, it pays to stay in local hotels rather than big chains.  They are often cheaper, more customer-friendly, more knowledgeable, and more willing to work with your needs.

We would rather pay for a comfy, unique room with the local flavor than a cookie-cutter room and a continental breakfast  any day.
Julie in WA

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