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How To Freeze Bread ~ Frugal Tips & Tricks In...

If you are going to freeze bread, make sure you include a paper towel in the package to absorb moisture. This will keep the bread from becoming mushy when thawed.

This is great to do when you are able to catch a great sale on bread.  I was so excited to stumble over this tip, because I love to stock pile on sale items, but never wanted to buy more bread than we needed because it would get mushy!

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Yolanda L.
I freeze bread and I have found that if you turn the bread package upside down while unthawing it taste and feels just like fresh baked bread. Very soft.
I've also frozen bread for years and not had a problem. howevre, I DO use a straw to suck out extra air that contributes to freezer burn etc., and have not had a problem. note that ziploc or glad hs come out with a specialty baggie and mini-vacuum to draw air out of the bags the expensive way. Just do it with a straw from any baggie....
Liz B.
I do freeze bread, but without the paper towel. I only take out the slices I want to use and thaw them in a microwave for a few seconds. I leave the rest in the freezer. I've never had a problem with moisture and the bread is soft and fresh. I will, however, try it with a paper towel to see if there's any difference.
Doreen B.
This seems like a wise idea. I'm going to give it a try.
Jennifer S.
You really don't need to add a paper towel to the bread. I've been freezing bread for years and never added anything to it. Just make sure you leave the package tied/sealed until it thaws. The moisture issues solve themselves that way!!!
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