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How to Get Rid of Ants With Cinnamon

How to get rid of Ants with Cinnamon  

This Spring I have been having some problems with ants coming inside and in my driveaway. These pesky bugs really bother me and were starting to drive me crazy.   I don’t like to use pesticides as  I would rather go with a natural homemade solution  I read if you sprinkle  ground cinnamon in the places that they are coming in   Ants do not like to cross a barrier of cinnamon and will not walk through it.  You  can even put it on the windowsills, and it won't hurt your kids or pets.   Doing this really helped us get rid of the ant problem we were having this year.

I would first was that mailbox with a good soap and vinegar solution to see if that did not move them around. Unless ants are in your house there really is no good reason too poison them.
Jeanette E.
I learned about the cinnamon about 40 years ago and have used it since because it does work....however, my new problem exists in my mailbox (on a post by the road). I need to get rid of the ants without "leaving" something on my mail. They have invaded my mailbox for the last three years now.
Nancy T.
Im having a major problem with ants as well this year! I will try the above suggestions except the salt, I find them in the shaker and have had to put that in the fridge for now.
Grace B.
Vinegar, while more odorous--works well also.
Dawn O.
Table salt also keeps ants from crossing the line.
Marcella E.
Chalk also works, as does Borax.
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