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How to get the best airline seats on a plane for...

Crammed in a less-than- 24”-wide seat with practically no leg room, only “knee room” along with your small children for two or more hours can be daunting and tiring. Especially after the whole check-in and security process. Aren’t vacations supposed to be fun and relaxing?  Airline flights are no Disney adventure for a family but with a little planning and a new website that promises insider’s knowledge on all airline seats, you and your family can relax and have fun 12,000+ feet in the air. offers specific details on every airline seat depending on the airplane model. When airfare shopping, find out the type of aircraft. Then flip to to learn which seats offer power ports to plug in a portable DVD player so kids can watch their favorite DVD movies.  Not all aircrafts and seats offer power ports so the map is useful.  The information even drills down to the different port types (AC power or DC power) and the type of plugs or adapters required. also color codes seats. Red or “poor seat” flags the seat as having several disadvantages such as no window, limited recline or legroom and reduced seat width. Yellow means “Be Aware” that the seat has one poor feature. 

At the top of the page are icons such as a power plug to immediately indicate the aircraft has some power ports. A baby’s pacifier represents the availability of a bassinet and/or baby changer. 

 Bulk head seats are not necessarily the best choice for small families that bring on a few carry-on baggage since there are no seats in front to store them. Also, if several families with children are traveling, then you definitely want to consult with  Remember, most airlines only allow 50-60% of the seats to be reserved by passengers. So even if your seat does not appear to be available, arriving early at the airport will increase your chances of getting your desired seat.  

Enjoy the friendly skies in peace!

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