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How to Get Your Kid to the Doctor's Office Without...

Most kids put up a fight with doctor appts. and some parents battle it out with their kids to even get them out of the house and in the car.  Sound familiar?  My friend's son was the same way and for his 3rd bday, I gave him a child's size doctor dress up outfit.  He loved it and it just so happened that he had his 3 yr appt the next day.  His mom told me he wore it to the appt along with some of his pretend doctor kit and she had no problem getting him there.  Even better, during the visit he was totally calm b/c he pretended that he was the doctor.  She said it worked like a charm b/c he felt like he was in charge and she said the doc even went along with it and let her son examine him.  She is very relieved and appreciates the bday gift even more now!

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