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How to Hard Boil Eggs

I used to have an egg-boiler appliance, but it broke.  So, I was left to boil eggs the old-fashioned way:   in a pot!  I couldn't remember, from mom's advice, how long to boil them, whether to have the eggs in the pot before the water boils, or after.

So, I searched the internet.  I found a couple of hits on how to boil eggs, but this one was different and it worked well.  

My husband said that this was the "best ever" egg salad.

The site says that this method is called "coddling" eggs.  It is an easy method, I feel, and the eggs were done perfectly when I was done.


  1. Use eggs that are 3-5 days old
  2. Warm eggs to room temperature  (30 min out of the fridge)
  3. Put eggs in right size pot so that the eggs are in one layer, not stacked
  4. Bring eggs JUST to rapid boil over HIGH heat
  5. Cover and remove from heat, letting eggs stand in the hot water for 17 minutes for large eggs, 20 min. for jumbo eggs
  6. Take eggs out and cool in combination of cold water and ice (at least 10 minutes)

This site also has information on how to deal with Easter eggs.

Thanks for posting this. I always used to boil water first and then put the eggs in - but then they'd always crack. I recently saw a show on Food Network that went over how to boil the perfect egg (Good Eats w/Alton Brown). Here's the Good Eats way: Put however many eggs you want to cook into a pot of cold water. Bring it to a boil. Cover the pan. Remove the pan from the heat, and wait eight minutes. Peel immediately under cold running water. That will give you a slightly soft yolk. If you want a really hard yolk, go with twelve minutes. Works every time! And watering your plants with the water, once cooled is a great idea! Thanks!
Andrea, I guess I did misinterpret. I must have been having a bad day. I did use the egg water to water my plants. Thanks for the tip.
Andrea M.
Wasn't trying to offend you was just simply surprised that it needed a recipe from anyone-or plainly that people didn't know how to do it and that there was a gaget out there (egg-boiler appliance)to make them for you. I don't think my mother ever took the time to teach me either. Also I wanted to add tips that I found worked well for me and about watering the plants. Sorry if you took my meaning and tips the wrong way
Andrea, I'm glad you already knew how to do it. I suppose you could have posted this, then, for those of us whose mothers didn't have time to teach us. I just found a good website and wanted to share it. I hope it helps someone.
Andrea M.
I have boiling eggs for years I didn't realize it needed a recipe- I put eggs in cold water stick it on the stove bring to a boil - boil for 10 minutes and then cool down- only using ice water if we want to eat the eggs sooner then later- my eggs always boil nicely and then I let the water totally cool down and use it to water my plants because it has all the nutrition from the egg shells in it I do agree though that fresh eggs to not work as well and stick to the shells when peeling them
Yes, I should have summarized. Did you see that the website ("more info" above) has the directions? I'm going to edit this post and include the summary for you.
Kathy P.
I was hoping to learn how from this article. Could you summarize?
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