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How to Make a Coffee Lover's Gift Basket

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If you have many coffee lovers in your life a nice gift basket is the perfect gift for either the holidays or birthdays. You know that they will actually use it and love it!!

And if your coffee-loving friend or family member lives in the Boston area - they will sure appreciate knowing about this helpful guide to all the best coffee houses in Boston. The basket you make will surely be a treat at home, and this guide will be a treat when they are out and about trying new, delicious coffee spots.

You will need a decent sized basket

I find great basket deals at the craft stores like AC Moore or It can be any size, but obviously if, it's too small, you won't be able to fit much into it, and if it's too big, it will cost more to fill it. After you have your basket, you can fill the bottom with tissue paper, shredded paper, or some other kind of basket filler. This will not only make the basket look fuller, but it will also help some items stand up.

Chose your coffee

Next, you need to decide what you will put in the basket. Purchase some fine coffee blends to add to the basket. Maybe they have a favorite type of coffee. I usually will do Dunkin Donuts coffee as it is favorite for most folks in the New England area. Another option if they one of their Keruig coffee makers where they have the k-cups with different flavors.

Add a couple of coffee mugs

If I am making several coffee baskets I will usually buy a set at a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond. If I am only making one I will usually pick out some pretty pottery mugs for a large cup of coffee.


You can make some breakfast type of cookies like biscotti or maybe a banana or pumpkin bread.

Your coffee lover will absolutely adore their basket!

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