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How to Quickly Clean Up Cooking Oil Spill

Today I managed to knock over the measuring cup of cooking oil. It was only a quarter cup but it made a huge mess on the counter. I figured it would take an entire roll of paper towels to clean it up so I decided to look for a better way. Off to the google where I found three good suggestions. Oatmeal, cornstarch and breadcrumbs. In the interests of science, I decided to try all three. I grabbed a single serving bag of Quaker Oats and poured it over a good portion of the oil. Sure enough, it started to absorb the oil right away. Then I poured some bread crumbs over most of the remaining oil and that too started to work. I poured some cornstarch over the last little area.

Here are the results. I used my fingers to push the oatmeal around until it had absorbed most of the oil. It only took a few minutes. The oil under the bread crumbs had already started seeping to the top so I used a paper towel to move the crumbs around. That worked pretty fast as well. The cornstarch was interesting because as I pushed it around, it turned the oil into a kind of dough. Finally, I used the paper towel to wipe everything over the side of the counter into a garbage bag. The areas that had been under the oatmeal and bread crumbs had a tiny film of oil left. Under the cornstarch remained a film of dust, no oil. A quick wipe with a sponge cleaned all the remaining residue. So, in my opinion, use whatever you have the most of on hand as all three work very well.

John P.
Melba, here is a link with several suggestions. Dawn seems to be the most common solution.
Melba W.
How do you get cooking oil out of a polyester type man's shirt and men's pants?
Melanie M.
This is wonderful advice... I will have to remember this next time I have an oil spill...
That is VERY cool! Thanks, JP!
Doris O.
Thank you for your great suggestion!
Rena M.
Cool. useful info thanks for sharing.
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