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How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap from Almost Everything...

Actually, the tips at this link apply to all kinds of sap. I just thought that since right now the sap you're most likely to encounter is from the Christmas tree, especially when taking it down, to put the words Christmas tree in the title of this tip. However, if you did get sap on your car when bringing the tree home, this will tell you how to remove it. And if you get sap on your hands or clothes, the answers for that are there as well. Most of the suggestions call for everyday on hand products, such as nail polish remover, WD-40, and the non-stop amazing baking soda. One solution that surprised me was the use of hand sanitizer to remove it from your clothes. I found that suggestion on several sites. If your pets get sap on their fur, the suggestion is peanut butter or mayonnaise. I would worry about your pet eating it before it can do its work, though.

Michelle H.
I needed this for cleaning the tree stand. Love another use for hand sanitizer.
Sarah E.
Put butter on your hand to get the sap off works also.
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