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How to Schedule Your Time if You Are a Work at...

When I became a work at home mom, I had these dreams of working in peace while my children played quietly nearby.  I thought that going home to work would give me all kinds of extra time to get things done, and that as a result, I'd be so much more productive.  And then I started actually working at home and realized after a few weeks that I was getting absolutely nothing done. My kids were not playing quietly while I was trying to work and I was spending more time doing laundry, washing dishes, picking up, surfing the internet, & breaking up fights between kids.

At that point, I realized that if I wanted to be successful at working from home, I had to get things under control and I had to create a schedule.  If you are considering becoming a work at home mom, I can't stress enough how important a schedule is.  I used to meticulously schedule my time when I worked in an office, but for some reason when I started working at home, I didn't think that I'd need to.  Not true! It's even more important when you work from home.  

Of course, you don't want to schedule every second of your time - if you wanted to do that, you'd likely still work in an office somewhere. So, the trick is really to schedule your time without making it so rigid that working at home becomes just as much of a chore as a regular job.  

Here are some tips for scheduling your time when you are a work at home mom:

~ Start by Scheduling the things that you have to do

~ Set aside some time that's just for your children. After all, that's why you're home. 

~ Set aside some time early in the day to get household chores out of the way - that way you won't be tempted to leave your work to do them. 

~ Create time for yourself to concentrate on your most difficult work when you know that you will have peace and quiet. I usually plan my most labor intensive work for the few hours after my children go go bed. I set aside another hour  in the morning before they wake up to get work done. 

~ Schedule in some time that's just for you. This is time where you get to relax. It's easy for moms, and especially work at home moms to get so wrapped up in our duties as a mom and as a business owner or employee to get so wrapped up in all of our duties that we never set aside any time that's just for us. It's extremely important to our well-being, both emotionally and physically, to do it though! 

Last, don't be afraid to adjust your schedule if it isn't working for you or if things come up. That is, after all, the beauy of working from home. 

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