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How to Travel for Free and Make Money at Same...

You've seen the promos on TV or in your mailbox-offers for credit cards with enticing rewards for loyal users such as free air travel and more.  With a dizzying array of these cards numbering in the hundreds with varying member fees,  APRs, and rewards-how do you choose?!

This website has done the homework and presents different credit cards for the best in collecting points for FREE airfare travel, shopping or cash back.  The key is to:

1. Decide if you want Free travel, shopping or cash back

2. Select one card only for that need

3. Only get the card IF you can pay off the balance  each month. These programs tend to have higher APRs but if you have excellent credit and are disciplined in paying your full bill each month, then you can rack up points very fast and enjoy free vacations! That's how I travel for free once a year.

The final selections are from known, reputable companies like American Express, Discover, Visa...

Hi Andrea! Yes click on "read more" and it will take you to my Blog and the exact page where I list different credit cards and the rewards you might be looking for. Our favorite is the CAPITAL ONE VISA NO HASSLES card. Or you can type the following address in your browser and on right column find the posting "How to Travel for Free". I hope that helps! Alicia
Andrea O.
I'm not the greatest at getting around on the computer. Will you please tell me how I can find this website for other deals. I TRULY do love the information that you shared with us!
Vicki M.
My son just volunteered for SIDR in Haiti for 3.5 weeks and I paid for his round trip ticket with credit card frequent flier miles. I only wish I could put my mortgage on credit card; the miles would add up then even faster. We do pay the balance each month also ;-); otherwise it's not a good deal. vicki
Hi Constance, myself and friends have successfully used one credit card for purchases and acquired Frequent Flyer miles and every year and are able to travel for free. However, we are very disciplined in paying bills on time and have excellent credit rating. Therefore we don't pay any interest rates. That's why I stressed this works IF consumers can pay off balance each month. My "blog sister" saves her miles for international trips so she can fly Business class on those long trips. She has gone to Australia TWICE in business class (that's a $6,000 plane ticket) and SPAIN and France, etc. Her next trip is to Argentina next year. With kids now, I now use my points for free hotels. It really does work!
Constance C.
This is not a good idea.
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