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How Your Child Can Edit Photos In iPhoto

Editing photos in iPhoto is a learning experience and you can make this a fun project or projects for your children. The software requires a Apple computer with the OSX operating system. If you already have a Mac, it is likely this software is already on your computer. If not, you can download it at Apple. The cost is $79 and you get the entire iLife package.

Start by downloading your digital camera photos in the iPhoto program. If not set already, set iPhoto to open automatically when a camera if plugged into your computer. Also set the editing to be within iPhoto in a separate window. You can choose just the photos you want to load, load all images and choose whether or not to delete images on the camera after they are downloaded.

After they are loaded, you can create a new album either now or later by clicking the "+" sign on the bottom left of the album window. Then you can simply drag any photo to any album you wish. To edit a photo you can click a photo once to highlight it and select "edit" from the mottom menu. Now you have several option available to you for editing your photos along the bottom of the window. Remember this is what is refered to as "non-distructive editing" in that you can always go back to the original setting of the original import at any time by clicking reset. You will loose all editing by doing that though.

  • The Rotate Tool allows you to turn your photo in 90 degree increments.
  • The Crop Tool allows you to zoom-in on your subject matter and eliminate clutter around the photo.
  • The Straighten Tool gives you the ability to correct an improperly held camera and straightenes the picture by sliding the slide buttom on the bottom of the screen
  • The Enhance Tool is a "one shot, does it all" tool and compares the photo against a standard grey to correct over exposure, under-exposure and color balance problems.
  • The Red-Eye Tool allows you to eliminate red-eye flash problems in a portrait.
  • The Retouch Tool gives you the ability to repair dust spots on the photo, take out other imperfections etc. There is also a clone function with this tool which allows you to copy a small portion of the photo to another area of the photo. For instance you can clone a bush from one area of the photo to another.
  • The Effects Tool layers special effects over a photo in a "one click" shot. You can add sepia tone, boost your color, add vignette and blur functions
  • The Big Kahuna Tool is the Adjust Tool. My kids and I use this one all the time. With one pallatte you can fine tune exposure imperfections, give a photo more or less contrast, put more detail into the highlight (bright areas) or shadows of a photo, Lessen or add color saturation, repair color balance, change the tint or to sharpen a photos details or soften it it in the case of a portrait.

Try each one of these tools by themselves and together. Slide the sliders all the way to right and left to see the extreams of what they will do. For instance in a landscape photo I will almost take a little saturation out and add sharpness. in a photo I will remove saturation and push the noise slide all the way to the right to really soften it up.

Bottom line: experiment and be creative. You may be suprised what you kids come up with.

  • If you have a portrat, you can eliminate the "red-eye" of a flashwith
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