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Hulu Plus on Demand Tv Subscription Service

In my never-ending quest to cut down bills, we lowered the cable to basic cable where we only get a few local channels.  We got the  Roku streaming player for the tv in our bedroom.   I already had Netflix and wanted to get  Hulu Plus to be able to watch my tv shows on my schedule. 

I  have been on my computer for the past few years to catch up on tv shows that I missed however to watch them on the tv you need   It has most of the shows from ABC, NBC and FOX  available for you to watch on your tv through Roku or Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.  It doesn’t play on the Nintendo Wii at this point.   It does have some cable shows and very limited selection of movies.

Hulu Plus's interface is easy to use. Once you've logged into the site, you can browse TV shows and movies, or you can search for a specific title using the search box. The search box auto-completes searches for you; and if the content you specify is a TV show, you can either go to the show's main page or jump directly to the latest episode.

Hulu also lets you add shows to your Favorites list, so the service will notify you when one of your favorite shows has a new episode or clip available for viewing.

For $7.99 it is well worth it to get it.  It does play some commercial but honestly that doesn’t bother me. I  still had plenty of commercials watching cable tv.  The picture quality is fantastic. 

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