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I Know Why They Call It "FUN"tastic

Two words describe the experience at my first indoor play center with my then-16-month-old toddler: fun and fantastic. (That must be why they call it Funtastic Play Center!)
The fairly new hot spot is located in an industrial area in south Elk Grove, it's an easy drive north from Lodi or south from Sacramento.
  Afriend and I took our new toddlers to "Toddle Time" on a recent Friday when children under the age of 2 get free reign of the place from 9 to 10:30 a.m. That means they can climb cushioned stairs and slides without mom and dad worrying about the thre eand four-year-olds being, well three and four-year olds. One tip: Unless you're super concerned about germs, let the littlest ones run/crawl around barefoot (as opposed to stocking feet) since it gives them better traction.

With the soaring heat, it's a good place to let the little ones play without worrying about sunburns, and in the winter and fall months it's great because there's no jacket required!

Funtastic is only open to the public on weekdays and costs $8 per child for as long as you want to stay (parents are free!). The weekends, unfortunately, are reserved for birthday parties. For a sneak peek of the soft play equipment, visit
I'm counting the days until our return trip, and hoping someone will open such a venue in Lodi.

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