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I Love My Vacuum

I love my new vacuum. I waited a few weeks before I stuck my neck out on this site, but yup, I still love it. It's the Dyson Animal DC 17. It is specifically for households with pets, and it doesn't clog with all the fur in the rug. It empties easily, and I just love it. It's available all over, including Linens N Things.

Sue .
Absolutely love my dyson too. I have never spent more than a couple hundred dollars on a vacuum before - but I bought a dyson 4 years ago and have never looked back. So glad I did.
I've had vacumes that cost 2000 dollars and they didn't compair to my dyson i have the one for extrem pet hair i don't have pets in the house but there are 4 girls with long hair and you would not beleave the amount of times i emptied the canister in the first month i had this vacume. just make sure you clean the filter if yours has one didnt know there was one under the canister and it was amazing what was in it and there was still great suction
I love mine, too! Linda- I have the one with the ball and it is amazing! It has been a lifesaver for me because I injured my rotator cuff on my right (my dominant) just after we got it and I am still able to use it successfully with just my left hand becuase it is so easy to steer! No other vaccuum I have ever used could have done that. I have the DC18 and got it on for A LOT less than elsewhere.
Linda P.
I want a new Dyson as well but have been waiting for comments about them. thank you for this. Any idea what the power levels are on the diff dysons. I want to get the new roller ball unit, but want to make sure I am getting the one with the most sucking power
Debbie S.
Yes, it is terrific. When it was first used, the canister filled very quickly. Apparently, my last vacuum didn't do as well. The attachments are not as easy to use as our last vacuum, but it is worth the upgrade when pets live in the house.
Cathy J.
Ditto!!! I too love mine. Will not buy another brand ever. One of my daughters even bought one.
Liz H.
Love mine too! The best vacuum I've ever had (and I've had A LOT)
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