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Ideas for Using Your Halloween Candy

With Halloween just around the corner, have you been wondering what you can do differently with some of the delicious candy you have been seeing in the stores?  Maybe you would like some ideas of what to do with your children's leftover candy once Halloween is over and they have eaten all of their favorites. 

Here are some unique ideas to try:

  • Throw some candy corn into your Rice Krispies Treats for a festive and colorful new take on a classic treat.
  • Buy some ice cream sandwiches and roll them in Nerds for a fun and colorful dessert.
  • Chop two York Peppermint Patties and mix them in with some hot chocolate or coffee for a warm and minty drink.
  • Crush some hard candies and mix them into your homemade popcorn balls.
  • Add Miniature Reese's Cups on top of cookies just before baking.  Use refrigerated cookie dough for an especially quick treat!
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