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Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained While Flying


Flying with kids can be stressful. A busy and distracted child is more likely to be a happy traveler. Here’s a list of creative ideas that are portable and will help keep everyone in the family relaxed and happy.

1. Presents: Kids love opening presents. By having several little wrapped presents handy and handing them out during the flights, kids will be entertained for a long period of time unwrapping each item.

2. Activity Kits: Travel activity kits are perfect for kids of all ages while travelling, and can be put together very inexpensively at home. Here are some great ideas for DIY activity kits for toddlers.

2. Eating: Snacks for kids can be an excellent source of entertainment. Preparing small, non-messy snacks that take a long time to consume will keep kid occupied while on flight. Good Food Ideas: Goldfish, Pretzel Stix, shredded carrots, raisins, and Cheerios.

3. Doctor’s Kit: Pack a kid-friendly doctor’s kit with a doll for kids to explore. Load it with tons of band-aids, tape, and gauze to peel, pull and wrap for hours.

4. Fun Placemats: Print out drawings from the web of your kid’s favorite cartoon icons and let them color their own placemats. Bring tape so it stays stable on their tray table.

5. Photos: Kids enjoy seeing pictures of family and friends they are going to see and meet. Before the trip, put together a small album of pictures for them to peruse of the family and friends they will see while on vacation.

6. Stretch and Wiggle Game: Derived from a book called “From Head to Toe,” see how many body parts you can turn, wiggle or stretch.

7. Books: There are a huge variety of children’s books written about almost every destination. Before arrival the interest level might not be as high as you’d like, but once you’re there and afterwards, kids get really excited to see some of the sights from their trip. Check out our Pre-trip Reading post for ideas.

8. Talk About Planes: Look at pictures of planes the night before leaving and read stories about transportation. Not only will this get them excited about the experience, but you can also use this as an opportunity to discuss behavior expectations while flying.

9. Comfort Factor: Pack their favorite pajamas or most comfortable outfits, so they can easily sleep during long flights. Also, don’t forget a change of clothes in case they spill or have an accident. There’s nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes. Pack a change of clothes for yourself as well. Also, don’t forget to grab a few extra pacifiers, special blankets, etc. just in case one gets dirty or lost. This may sound simple, but it can be horrible when these “precious” items get lost or forgotten.

10. MapQuest: Print out a map of your destination from the web and bring highlighters to let them map the route over land or across the ocean. For the return flight, try to keep receipts, maps, ticket stubs, menus, etc. so to create a scrapbook on the plane ride home.

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Madhu S.
Wow ! these are really useful tips everyone needs while travelling.
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