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Inflatable Bed for Kids

 The Deluxe Inflatable Bed from Leaps and Bounds is a "momslifesaver".  We are often visiting both set of grandparents and this bed makes it possible to enjoy a few nights away from home. The sides are tall enough for no rolling off and all I have to provide is a twin size sheet, their blanket and pillow and we are off to catch some ZZZZZZZ's! The texture of the bed is soft (fleecelike) and not slippery.

This is one of the most requested items from friends to borrow - we've had ours for 4 years  now!

We also found that Battat makes a really cute inflatable slumber bag that is very durable and easy to use. I like that the bedding and pillow are already included and you just "zip" the kids right in. They are called slumber bags and they are really plush and soft. I found some online at Target. Here's a link to the sports one ---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- They have one with a sports theme, a racetrack theme, noah's ark, princess, butterfly. They've been a huge hit with the kids. They come with a foot pump, but also blow up in about 10 seconds using a hairdryer or a reverse vacuum cleaner. Make sure it is made by Battat. I've seen some really poorly made ones out there too. Those are generally called "Ready Beds". Those aren't so good.
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