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Initial up front costs can save you a lot in the...

(Taken from my blog, "Secrets to My Success")

I did a cost comparison in college on two skincare brands I'd used. One was Clinique which most middle-class women and teens deem affordable and yet "better" than over-the-counter cleansers. The other was a much more expensive and high-end Clarins Paris. I looked at the initial setup costs and then how long they lasted. While Clinique was cheaper up front, Clarins outlasted Clinique by several months and gave me a much greater complexion. One jar of their gentle cleansing cream lasted me a year. Skincare products are like haircare products-the more expensive and better quality you get, the less you have to use.
I've since switched to another French product, Yon Ka, which has done even greater wonders for my face and is also very long-lasting. My family members use Arbonne International, which is very similar to Clarins and Yon Ka, as well as Origins.
I prefer skincare that is tested on humans instead of animals. I also prefer skincare that doesn't strip your face of it's natural oils, but rather cleanses by moisturizing. All of the products I just mentioned do just that. Typically, if you see something in a high end spa, and then do a background check for consumer feedback on the internet, you can find some great products. Remember, if you are able to pay the up front costs, it is not only better for your skin in the long run but can be cheaper as well. 

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