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Insulate Your Windows with Bubblewrap

According to the weather channel, it seems as if no matter what state you're living in right now, you're experiencing a cold snap and the heat in your house is running constantly. If you want a quick, easy and inexpensive way to insulate your house, then consider investing in a roll of bubblewrap and applying it to your windows. You'll cut your heat loss to almost half. All you'll need are a spray mister, exacto knife and bubblewrap. Mist the windows, press the bubblewrap onto the window and cut any excess. That's it. Even your kids can help with this task. (Perhaps not the cutting!)

The bubblewrap should stay in place indefinitely. One sugggestion the website had was to check with your local department store to see if they'll give you any excess they might have. This is another good way to not only recyle, but to save money.

Robert C.
I have a very large door-wall window...."8 X 8" I use contact cement in the corners to hold up the bubble wrap and it holds up well and peels off easy in the spring. I have been doing this for 3 years now.
Rebekah S.
I use blue painters tape over door seams; it works; doesn't look that great, but I'm okay with it.
Eileen Q.
If you have a large window or many windows you may try using a roll of the flexable foam padding that is used under laminate flooring. This can be found at home improvement stores for $25.00 for a 100sq foot roll. I also found this item at Big Lots for $20.00. The plus of this is being able to roll it up for storage taking little space as well as covering larger windows. We cut oversized pieces and covered the entire opening and window sill.Remember to use blue painters tape to protect your walls.
Denise D.
Robert R.
I like that is cheap and easy Thanks. Maria
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