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Is Deceptively Delicious too Deceptive?

Is the new book, Deceptively Delicious, by Jessica Seinfeld, too deceptive?

Where do we draw the line between hiding veggies in our kids food and being honest about what is healthy?

Let's compromise! 

Kristen, There is nothing wrong with making chicken nuggets healthier. In fact, most of the recipes that are in her book are healthier versions than what you might ordinarily find. I don't have any problems with the recipes, just the fact that most parents are being dishonest with their kids. Also, if parents hide veggies in their chicken nuggets at home, how is the child supposed to know that nuggets elsewhere are not as healthy (or hardly contain any chicken, for that matter!)?
Kristen H.
I agree that kids should not be "tricked" into eating vegetables and like Jessica said, vegetables should always be on the child's plate- in regular form! But I also don't see anything wrong with making chicken nuggets healthier!
I think that the recipes are good and do get good nutrition into the lucky people who get to eat them, Jerry Seinfeld, included :-) Yes, I would recommend it...but I would also recommend that parents share the "secret" and tell the kids why the recipes not only taste so good but are good for them.
Interesting take on this book - do you recommend it?
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