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Is your baby fussy at feeding time?

My little boy had to be the gassiest kid in Texas, so I thought I'd pass on these tips to other moms!

If the baby is arching his back and refuses to nurse, try burping him, even if he's only been eating for a minute or two.  As a newborn, my son had to burp 5 or 6 times per feeding!  I thought I would go crazy!

Also consider what you have eaten that day.  Broccoli, cabbage and other greens get a bad reputation, but tomato sauce and dairy products can also give baby gas.  If the baby spits up a considerable amount, talk to your pediatrician.  You may have some kind of dairy problem and can help them feel better by avoiding those.  A friend of mine had her doctor tell her to drink more milk to help with her milk production, but the milk made the baby scream so much that she had to feed him a bottle!

Another lifesaving (to me) tip came from my sister.  If the baby acts like he has gas, but won't burp, lay him on your lap or any flat surface and move his legs in an alternating circular pattern like he's riding a bike.  When each knee comes close to the baby, push a little & pull out.  This is a miracle worker!  The motion helps work the gas out and baby usually feels much better!

More tips to come!

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