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Is Your Child Overscheduled

Everyone knows that extra-curricular activities are good for children and that they encourage healthy development and positive self-esteem.  In fact, some kids thrive on being a part of many different activities and keeping busy.  Some children, however, do not do as well when they are overscheduled.  Here are some signs to look for in your child if you feel that she may be over-doing it and needs to cut back on some activities:

  •  Problems Sleeping
  •  Mood Swings
  •  No Longer Showing a Desire to Participate in an Activity
  •  She Always Feels Rushed and Hurried to Get Things Done
  •  Starting to Develop Headaches, Frequent Colds, and Stomachaches
  •  He is Having Trouble Balancing School, Family, and Activities
If your child is starting to show any of the above signs and you feel that she has too much on her plate right now, simply ask her how she feels about everything.  Maybe she wants to quit participating in some things, but is worried that you will be mad or disppointed.  Let her know that she can be completely honest with you and tell her that you truly want to know how she is feeling right now and if there is any way that you can help.  Assure her that you will not be upset if she wishes to lighten her load of activities.

From there, you can decide a course of action that suits both of you and one that you know will bring less stress to his life so that he can enjoy the things in which he loves the most and not participate in the ones that he feels he should be in.

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