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It is Cherry Picking Time

There are many cherry picking farms in the Bay Area. It is simple: you go to the farm, pick your own fruit and pay at the end. It is fun and a nice relaxing family moment.

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Happy cherry picking!


Tip 1
There are many varieties of cherries and they do not become ripe at the same time. Call the farm ahead of time to know when your favorite cherry variety will be ready to be picked.

Tip 2
Some farms have picnic areas, make it a half day at the farm and make cherries your dessert or snacks. Ask friends with children to join you. The more the merrier…

Tip 3
Cherries stain: wear old clothing. Wear comfortable shoes too as you most likely have to climb a ladder.

Tip 4

Bring your own containers and bring enough baskets or paper bags for each kid to carry his own. The containers do not have to be big; you just want to avoid fights over who is holding the basket.

Tip 5
Get the children excited about how they are going to eat the cherries: in a cake, with yogurt, whipping cream, or just like that!
Tip 6
Make sure your kids know the rules of pick-your-own-fruit farms: you pick the cherries, you weigh the cherries, you pay the cherries, and then you can eat them. Make sure you keep an eye on how much they eat: cherries can be tough on the little stomachs.

Tip 7
Show your children the proper way to pick the cherries: cherries picked with stems will last several weeks compared to the ones without stems. So tell your kid not to pull on the stems. Even better tell the farmer to tell them! Kids always swear by what anybody else but their parents tell them.

Tip 8
Remind the children that you need to only take the cherry, no need for extra leaves and no cutting out branches or hanging on them. If a branch is cut, it will take years for it to grow back and get cherries again. Trees have to be respected.

Lydie Thomas is a Travel Whisperer and mother of two little avid travelers. She is sharing her tips and tricks on visiting the San Francisco Bay Area with children. She also loves to share her French culture and tips on vacationing in France with little ones. Subscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter @lydiethomas.
This is a unique tip! Thanks Lydie. I look forward to more of your postings! Alicia
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