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Jazz Up Your Home with O-Shaped Vases

Oh what a cool thing…
O Vases are designed by Kenneth Wingard and offer a new take on a tabletop standard. These contemporary O Vases have unique shapes that raise the style factor for any decor. Check out the O Vases at the Kenneth Wingard website. 

Group a few O Vases together for a great centerpiece or place one on an end table. The O Vases by Kenneth Wingard are handmade and glazed and come in many colors and sizes.

I like to place vases on shelves or hallway tables to dress up my home. And these O vases make a true decorating statement.  

And of course, feel free to add flowers, too. You can choose to put in a spring bloom or some fall stems. Or you can leave them as is and still add a nice decorating touch to your home. Likewise, this kind of signature item makes for a great gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday.

Similarly check out the curvy Bardot Vases also by Wingard. It’s always fun to mix up your decorating ideas a bit. For instance place a few O vases on one shelve and a couple of Bardot vases on a table.

When it comes to color, accessories offer so much versatility. Choose a solid theme or add  a bit of diversity with a few different color combos. The designer also makes Bardot lamps, too. This way, you can really go wild with your decorating!

Have fun browsing! You are sure to get some ideas for decorating with modern vases and lamps.

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