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My husband and I just re-discovered a Juicer we have had for about 3yrs and have not used once. However, we recently took it out and actually used it for the first time and we love it!!   We have been juicing everything ...tomatoes, carrots, apples, celery etc.... The best part of juicing is that you can get your entire daily intake of fruits and vegetables in one big glass (or split into two medium ones). This works great for the adults and my 4yr old loves to help out and then drink up her portion. For the younger ones I would suggest adding some apples to veggies to make them a little more sweeter. I have also been  looking into some other power juicers like Jack Lalelaine's Power Juicer which supposedly is faster and easier to use while also extracting more juice. However, so far we are satisfied with our Master Gourmet Juicier. I know this does take a little more work as opposed to buying juices off the shelve (with all the preservative/corn syrup)...however if you use organic fruits/veggies I don't think you can get a healthier drink while providing your family with their daily intake of fruits/veggies. You can also search the web for various Juicing recipes specific to your various health needs.....remember though that since you are making a fresh drink wtih no preservative homemade juices have a very short shelf live (less than 24hrs)...

Jacky M.
We have the jack la lane juicer, have used it for 2.5 years now and LOVE IT!
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