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Keep Deer Away with Natural Deer Repellent

There's not much that irritiates me more during the summer months than deer and rabbit eating my plants that I've spent hours babying and growing. Of course, I also don't like to use harmful chemicals in my garden and I don't really want to hurt any wildlife - I just want them to dine elsewhere!

So, after trying lots of products and reading about plenty more, I finally settled on a natural deer repellent called Liquid Fence. It's a little expensive and has to be applied throughout the growing season, but I love that it's a natural product and it works really well. Not only does it work well for deer, it keeps rabbits away from my prized plants as well. 

It's easy to apply, but the smell is not the greatest. You've just got to put the product into a spayer and then spray the leaves of all the plants that deer like to snack on.  

Now I'm planning to move to Georgia and I'm worried about snakes. Thankfully I've found that Liquid Fence also has a snake repellent that I'll be sure to try as soon as I get there!  

If you are looking for a natural deer repellent  - or something to deal with rabbits or even snakes, you'll definitely want to check out this product. Some garden centers carry it and you can also order online. 

For more information on Liquid Fence and lots of other great green living tips, you can visit Green Living Made Easy

Thanks for the tip! I just went out and watered the garden today and was so annoyed to find that the deer had been munching quite a few of my beloved plants! All the juicy new growth! I'm off to purchase Liquid Fence....
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