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Keep Lettuce Fresh for Weeks

Are you tired of throwing out old lettuce?  Here is a method to keep your lettuce fresh for longer periods of time, allowing you to save money.  Take your green leaf, red leaf, romaine or any other lettuce out of their plastic bag.  Wrap them in a paper towel, slightly damp.  Place in your vegetable crisper.  As long as the paper towel is slightly damp, it will keep longer than if kept in the plastic bag or kept loose in the crisper. 

I just finished a head of lettuce that I bought 3 weeks ago!  I peeled off the limp outer leaves and what was underneath, was crisp and bright green!   

I have tried many things but so far the debbie myers green bags are great and reuseable they are the best invention yet try them
If you're lazy like me you can extend the life of your bagged salad a few days just by putting a dry napkin in the bag after you open it.
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