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Keep Your Gas Prices Down

The following tips will help save you some extra gas money to keep cost down when planning your next trip or daily errands.

Use Your Cruise Control as Much as Possible

When you are constantly accelerating and breaking, your vehicle's fuel efficiency can drop by as much as 33%.  When you are on a highway, use your cruise control to keep your speed stabilized and cut down on gas usage.

Find the Cheapest Gas Prices Before Filling Up

Gas prices vary greatly from state to state, but even if you are not leaving town, the gas stations in your area may not all be the same.  Before filling up at the pump, check out or to compare gas prices around you.

Wait a Few Minutes Before Using Your Air Conditioning

As soon as you get into your car on a hot day, roll down all of the windows and let your car air out first.  Once you get going after a few minutes, then turn on the air conditioning to cool down.  This keeps your AC unit from working too hard and using more fuel.

Keep Your Car Functioning Properly

Be sure to always check your tire pressure and have the oil and air filters changed regularly according to your vehicle's manual.  This can give you up to 14 percent better gas mileage.

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