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Keeping Sheets Sets Together

Have you ever went to make a bed and discovered all the pieces were not there?  Here is a tip I have used forever but find it amazing that people have never thought about it. 

After you have washed the set and dried it, fold all pieces nice and neat. Take one of the pillowcases to that set and put the top, bottom and other pillowcase inside.  Then place it in the linen closet.  You will be amazed how much time you save.

Besides who wants to sleep in sheet pieces that don't match. That happens when pieces of a set get misplaced.

You can also use the dirty pillowcases to put the dirty clothes in and carry it to the laundryroom for washing.  This could save you a tumble down the steps when you stip on something you are carrying in your arms. 

And it makes your closet look so "organized."

I store my sheets on the closet shelf of the bedroom where they are used instead of in the linen closet. That way there is never a question of whether I'm grabbing the right size or not, and it frees up space in the linen closet for something else. It is also much more convenient during middle-of-the-night emergencies than rummaging through the hall linen closet for a clean set. Also, I am a professional organizer and have found that many people are storing FAR too many sheet sets! You really only NEED 2 per on the bed and one in the wash (or clean and waiting to be used). Perhaps keep one extra of each size for good measure AT MOST. It is much easier to do a quick load of laundry in a rare emergency than it is to store excess sheets all your round.
I tried this for years, but I never seemed to be able to figure out what was twin and what was double. Now I have those big zippered plastic bags that comforters come in. I put all the sheets and pillowcases for the twin beds in one, double bed in another, and king bed in another. The closet is super neat and everything is easy to find.
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