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Kid Friendly Hotel in Portland, Maine

If you are traveling to Portland Maine for a nice getaway with the kids, consider staying at the Embassy Suites at the Portland Airport.  My mother-in-law lives on Peaks Island which requires us to take the ferry from Portland.  With two young kids we often stay here the night before so getting the early ferry is much easier for us.  We have had very good experiences here and all the rooms are suites with a separate but small livingroom with a pull out couch where our kids sleep.  The separate bedroom is also where the bathroom is and it has been just enough space for us as a family of four, might be tight for a bigger family but I would recommend asking for adjoining rooms if you've got 3+ kids.   Rooms are always clean and service is always nice.  The sounds of the planes are not that bad and the kids love seeing the planes anyway and has never really affected their sleep.  The pool is nice, could be bigger but then again, we are only in it for a couple of hours so it is not that big of deal for us.  They have complimentary breakfast and every night there is a free managers reception where they put simple hors' deurves such as veggies and dip, cheese and crackers and fruit. Bar is open and you do have to pay for alcholic drinks, but I think non-alcholic is free (I can not remember since my hubby is always getting them but I know our kids drinks were always free) and we sit in the open foyer where they have table and chairs.  Along with the free snacks, we order a few appetizers from the restaurant or bartender and we just eat in the open foyer - saves money on eating at a restaurant.  It is great b/c everyone is there hanging out and the kids can move around and socialize.   I would still recommend that parents watch their kids and do not allow them to completely go nuts or act out of line but it is very social and the hotel likes seeing their guests mingle and get to know one another.   

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