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Kids Can Have Fun Composing iPhoto Email Stationary...

You and your kids can have hours of fun composing and sending emails with the wonderful stationary function of iPhoto and Mac Mail. Mac Mail comes as part of Apple's OSX operating systems and iPhoto can be downloaded from Macmall for about $80.00.

First of all download your favorite photos from your camera or off the web directly into iPhoto. Next select which pictures you wish to email to someone. Will it be photos of your kids birthday party or a family vacation or similar? Select these photos either one at a time by holding down the command button while you mouse click each one, or you can select a bunch of photos in a row by clicking a draging a rectangle around them or through them.

At the bottom of the iPhoto window is a postage stamp icon, which is Mac Mail. Click on that. Select the size photos you want to send from the popup window and whether or not you want titles and comments to accompany them. Click compose. Mac Mail comes up automatically, with the selected photos imported into the body of the mail program.

You will notice that now you have several new icons at the top-right of the mail window. Select "show stationary" button. A new section comes up and allows you to choose from several catagories such as birthday, announcements, photos etc. Each of these stationary formats will automatically insert your photos along with editable text. You can select each one and see your photos appear in each different format so you can analyize each one.

Now just set your send options, give a click to send and all your friends and family on your list will receive this really cool composed photo album .Everyone will think you spent hours on it when it can be just a few minutes with this amazing software. 

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