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Kids Eat Free Restaurants - Several Websites To...

Several restaurants have kids eat free nights. Free food is always good in my book, and it doesn't hurt to go out and eat once in awhile either! I have noticed more places offering kids eat free nights in my area lately, maybe to drum up more business in this cruddy economy. Usually there is a requirement that an adult meal be purchased for the free kids meal - but some places have two free kids meals with the purchase of one adult's meal. They all seem to have different specifications on what ages qualify for the free kids meals, certain hours the free offer applies and various nights that the free kids meals are offered, so be sure to check on each individual restaurant's terms and conditions to find out.

There are several websites where you can search by your state, city or zip code. This article has a list with links of several such sites, as well as nationwide chain restaurants with kids eat free offers:

Kids Eat Free Restaurants

Even if you find a restaurant in your area on this list, it's probably a good idea to give them a call and make sure the offer is still good or if it's a franchise that their particular restaurant is participating in the  free food offer.

Several independently owned restaurants in my area offer kids eat free meals that aren't advertised here. Many post banners or signs outside or inside their restaurants telling of their kids eat free offers. Local newspapers are also a good source to check, so take a look around your town.

Here is one for local restaurants South of Boston
These are great - here is another one to try too -
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