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Kids Growing out of Everything??? Recycle, Reuse...

Save Money . Help the Environment . Recycle

Hi,  I want to invite you to join a trading community called UandITrade is America's premier on-line family trading site. Parents save money by trading all the stuff their family has outgrown with other parents across the country! Find great items like kids' clothes, household goods, books, and jewelry. They even have handmade items. Trading is safe. No cash or credit cards are ever used...they use points instead.

You can get great parenting tips and advice on just about anything also participate in contests and games. Bragging about your children/grand children is highly encouraged.

UandITrade is a safe family oriented trading site which cares about its members and the environment. 

I have been a member since they opened up their website in 2007.  I have met so many new online friends that are just wonderful.  They are there for me as I am there for them and we have become such a close community.  I have saved so much money by trading off what we no longer use or need in the house for things that we do.  My son is growing quickly and with U and I Trade I can find him all new stuff for free!  Just give it a try...I can almost guarantee that you will be addicted! 

Joining the site is very easy to do. Just go to and click on “register.”

When you register please use my referral code

Thank you

Referral Code:  2B83F251

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