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Kids Guitar Lessons - How to Select a Guitar Capo...

Guitar Capos:
After you have been hanging around a few guitarists for a little while you will hear the words "Guitar Capo" mentioned. If you have no idea what that means, read on....

What is a Guitar Capo?
The Guitar Capo is just a device that allows you to play in a higher position on the neck and in other key signatures without having to know any additional notes.

Simply imagine it this way. A Guitar Capo is like having a movable Guitar Nut (see that in our guitar parts glossary article).

For instance if you can play a song with the open strings in the key of C, you can put a Guitar Capo on the second fret and play this same song in the key of D. You just moved it up 2 frets or One Whole Step for C to D.

You could again place the Guitar Capo on the 4th Fret and play that same song in the key of E. Get it? This would be 2 Whole Steps for C to E.

How Does A Capo Work?
There are about as many Guitar Capos as there are types of guitars. The most popular Guitar Capos work by a spring tension within a joint and this allows you to "spring" it open, clamp it on the neck and release the pressure. Bingo, you are in a different key!

What Kind Should I Get?
I have had just about every Guitar Capo known to mankind. Here are some of my favorites and why.

I love the Dunlop Victor Capo. It is east to adjust, fast and provides great clamping action. The solid brass construction will provide a lifetime of service for you.

This model has a slight curved surface on the rubber and upper jaw of the capo. This is intended to be used on guitars with a radiused fretboard, which you will find on almost all Acoustic Guitars.

Victor Capo Features:
    Designed for Guitar with Curved Fingerboards
    Solid Cast Bronze
    Precise, Buzz-Free Locking Grip
    Flawless Intonation
    Sleek, Rugged Design

Classical Guitars have flat fretboards and will need the Dunlop Victor Capo for Flat Fingerboards. Same great features with a flat jaw.

Shubb Stainless Steel Capo:
The Shubb Capo is one of my all time favorites. It does not get in the way of my left hand when I am playing the instrument, like some other capos do, because of the low profile. It is easy to use, and it is easily adjustable to provide the desired amount of pressure on the strings.

 It is easily positioned so that the guitar is not thrown out of tune when the capo clamps down. This is because the pressure is only downward pressure. You can also dial in the desired about of pressure needed for your string action. The only disadvantage is that you must use two hands to position it.

Shubb Capo Features:
Stainless steel construction
New roller design resists wear
Smooth action
Restyled lever handles more easily

If you need a Shubb Capo for a flat fretboard or a Classical Guitar use the Shubb GC-20C Classical Guitar Capo in Nickel

G7th Capo

Available in six and twelve string steel-string as well as a new classical version, they are all easy to use, solidly built and - perhaps most importantly, easy to put on and take off with one hand without having to re-tune!

For a musician, this is the most crucial element - that, and that it is 'kind' to the materials used in the manufacture of a good guitar.

G7th Capo Features:
    Adjust without retuning your guitar
    Patented clutch mechanism
    Solid zinc-alloy construction
    Lifetime warranty

If you want the Mercedes Benz of Capos, this one is for you! You will love this Capo, but you won't love the price. But....As they say you pay for what you get.

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