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Kids Guitar Lessons - How to Select Guitar Picks...

How to Pick Out Guitar Picks:
There are so many choices and how do you know what to select and why?

First of all there are a lot of color choices - and of coarse that is more a personal choice that anything else. The traditional guitar pick is a color called tortoise shell. It comes from the old-time practice of actually carving guitar picks from actual turtle shells.

Now the name sticks for picks that resemble the old tortoise shell picks, even though the picks are now made from hybrid plastics, celluloid and other plastic-like materials.

Shapes can vary almost as much as the color in that we have the standard plectrum style picks, small mandolin style picks, big triangles and various other shapes.

I'm here to tell you no mater what the hype, what the reasoning, the standard plectrum pick you see in the opening photograph is the best performing pick you can get your fingers on.

This is one option that many people versitile with and change their minds and opinions over - as did I. I started out playing with a light gauge pick and at the time that was the only pick for me. I was playing electric guitar at the time and found it to product the best tone that I was after.

As I progressed much more into the flatpicking realm, I found that light picks didn't work out so well for an acoustic guitar. They produced a wispy sound and you couldn't get that solid bit of a tone. So I used medium gauge picks.

OK now I'm into heavy gauge picks because I find that they enhance my flatpicking speed and give a great even tone on all the strings.

So, if you play an acoustic guitar, I would recommend you start out with a medium gauge pick or possibly use a heavy gauge. Check them out to see what sound you like.

Pick Options:
Yes picks do have options and some of them are pretty darn good ones. Here are some of my best option likes:

Picks with textured grip areas.

The upper 1/2 to 2/3 of the pick is a raised, rough surface, promoting good pick grasping and minimizing the possibility of loosing the pick
while playing.

Matte Surface Picks: Same reasoning as above. The picks are not shiny they are matte and you can get a grip on them without loosing them. These are the types of picks I have used for the past 10 years or so and I love them.

So as you can see the pick, being such a simple item, because very complex in that it is the one device that transmits all of our guitar playing efforts directly from our hand to the guitar strings.

So it is a VERY important accessory and you should not take the picking of a pick very lightly.

Here Are My Favorite Picks of the Picks:

Clayton Ultem Standard Guitar Picks 45mm
Clayton Ultem Standard Guitar Picks, 1.07MM 1 DozenDunlop Tortex Picks, 88mm (pack of 12)
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen, 1.0mm

Judy T.
These tips are good to know. My son is trying to learn to play now. I will pass these on to him. Thank you.
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